Seasonal Gutter Cleaning Advice


End of Winter Gutter Cleaning (Feb – April)

Although this applies more to cold-weather states, it is important to remember that just because it hasn’t rained, or hasn’t been windy, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t address your gutters.

The end of winter can produce what is called “late-clinging leaves and branches,” which are leftover debris from winter that funnels into your gutters as ice melts.

It is advised that you clean your gutters at least once, as you near the end of winter. You should also use this time to reinforce your gutters, after the storm season. This can include resealing your gutters or reinforcing them to the roof. 

Spring Gutter Cleaning (May – July)

Spring, the time of year where everything is fresh, new, and ripe. Spring is also a time when the most pollen, wayfaring leaves, and more may be floating about. These can easily end up in your gutter, creating logjams.

It is advised that you clean your gutters once towards the end of spring.

Summer Gutter Cleaning (August – September)

This season may be more relevant to southern states, and regions that experience summer thunderstorms. With these storms come violent winds, which rips leaves off the trees, and slams them into your roof and gutters.

It is recommended that you clean your gutters sometime around Labor Day, which is the first Monday in September. 

Fall Gutter Cleaning (October – November)

Fall is the time of year celebrating the beautiful color in the changing leaves. That euphoria is often short-lived because after the leaves change, they are quickly shed from the tree to blow about in the wind.

Fall is perhaps the most critical time when it comes to cleaning your gutters. Although it may feel excessive, the rate at which trees are shedding their leaves can fool you, until you’re up in the gutters digging caked leaves out of your gutter.

It is recommended that you clean your gutters at least three times during fall.

  1. Early Fall
  2. Middle Fall
  3. Late Fall

Ideally, you are finalizing your “Late Fall” clean up prior to the first snow, and as a way to rid your roof of the final fall leaves.

Gutter Cleaning Season to Avoid: Middle of Winter (December – January)

This article has given great advice on when good times to clean your gutters are. However, keep in mind that the middle of winter is not the best time to clean your gutters. Between the snow and ice, it can create a very precarious situation, that can result in injury or worse.

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